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 Residents of District 1, 

The time for change is now.  For too long, we have settled for the political rhetoric of our elected officials with no substantial return on investment.  Our city is in crisis.  Our image nationwide is one of chaos, ridden with police brutality and crime.  No increases in livable wage jobs.  Increases in public nuisance.  Decreases in public safety and response times to crisis.  In recent years, we have experienced a huge increase in blight and homelessness within our district. 

This my friends, are the direct results of the decisions our leadership have made over the past 8-10 years.  Our quality of life has drastically diminished; and if we continue voting the same way expecting a different result we (the residents) have to hold ourselves accountable.

I am the vote for change.  The vote for the improvement of your quality of life.  For new ideas.  New possibilities.  The vote for change to how our communities are policed with new and innovative approaches to city governance.  The vote for sustainable economic development, and a foundation that will springboard us into our future!  When given the chance, I will show you that we are a new pathway to the future! 

All that I ask is the opportunity to earn your vote!  Your future depends on it!

I'll see you around the district,


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